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Marina Bay is becoming one of Singapore’s fastest growing tourist and expat destinations. For one, the prominent Marina Bay Sands building stands tall at this side of Singapore. Shopping, leisure strolling and vacation getaways abound within the premises of this legendary landmark in Marina Bay.

In addition to Marina Bay Sands, other popular global attractions are visible in Marina Bay. These attractions and establishments account for the majority of reasons why tourists come back to Singapore for pleasure vacations, time and again.

Singapore Flyer-Home of the Wheel of Dreams


360 degree splendid sights of Singapore from atop a grand observation wheel are indeed visible. Singapore Flyer is the biggest observation wheel in the world. Tourists have always flocked to Singapore’s Marina Bay to see this gigantic wheel, live in person.

The 30-minute wheel rides in Singapore Flyer are available, be it day or night. Late afternoon is the best time for tourists to take rides in this Ferris wheel. The 360 degree Singapore city views are at their most attractive visibilities when the sun is about to set.

Merlion Park, Singapore’s Prosperity Protector


Tourists visiting Singapore are missing out something in Asia if they don’t visit the Merlion Park. Many tourists have successfully graced the Merlion’s beauty and sentiment in the past years. Many visitors coming from various parts of the world already keep memento photos taken at the Merlion Park.

Outdoor Friendly Experiences at Gardens by the Bay


Outdoor friendly experiences in Southeast Asia are on hand at Marina Bay’s Gardens by the Bay. This nature oriented park is home to various greenery crops and plants popular in many parts of the world.

Young people’s quest for knowledge is satisfied at Gardens by the Bay. Parents have always taken delight in showing their kids the wonders of nature’s blessings at this attraction.

The Legendary the Float @ Marina Bay is in the House


The legendary The Float @ Marina Bay is the biggest floating stage all over the world. Hence, Singapore is proud to have this iconic stage in its territory. This one of a kind stage is the place where the National Day Parade has been held for 8 years now. The other prominent national sporting event held at The Float was the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

Marina Way’s Upcoming Residential Property Nearby


Marina Bay’s neighbouring Marina Way has a future residential property in the works. Marina One Residences is the upcoming top expat residential property for investment in high demand. Expats looking to invest in real estate residential properties in Singapore will find their real homes in Marina One come its TOP by 2017.

Marina Bay- the international spot that has always captured tourist and expat attention. The must-see sites detailed above have done more than inspire; they’ve always captivated and amazed in extraordinary ways possible.